ヨルシカ - 晴る [2024.01.05/MP3/RAR]

ヨルシカ - 晴る [2024.01.05/MP3/RAR]

ヨルシカ - 晴る
Detail:  ヨルシカ - 晴る
Artist & Title ヨルシカ - 晴る  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2024.01.05


Fans of Yorushika (ヨルシカ) rejoice as the acclaimed musical duo embarks on a new artistic journey with their latest song, "晴る" (Hareru). Released on January 5, 2024, this enchanting composition not only showcases Yorushika's musical prowess but also serves as the opening theme for the anime Frieren: Beyond Journey's End (葬送のフリーレン). Join us as we delve into the melodic landscape of "晴る," a harmonious prelude to Frieren's epic journey.

The Musical Tapestry of "晴る":

"晴る" unfolds as a musical tapestry woven with Yorushika's signature style—poignant lyrics, captivating harmonies, and a melodic depth that resonates with listeners. Released on January 5, 2024, the song takes on a dual role, not just as a standalone musical gem but as the opening anthem for Frieren's immersive world.

Evocative Harmonies:

Yorushika's evocative harmonies in "晴る" create an auditory experience that is both uplifting and introspective. The carefully orchestrated arrangement enhances the emotional depth of the song, setting the stage for the anime's narrative to unfold seamlessly.

Anime Opening Brilliance:

As the opening theme for Frieren: Beyond Journey's End, "晴る" becomes a sonic introduction to the anime's world. Yorushika's composition captures the essence of Frieren's epic journey, building anticipation for each episode with its enchanting melodies and emotional resonance.

Key Highlights of "晴る":

Lyricism as Storytelling Yorushika's lyricism in "晴る" serves as a form of storytelling, offering listeners a glimpse into the themes and emotions that echo within Frieren's narrative. The poetic nature of the lyrics complements the visual storytelling of the anime, creating a cohesive and immersive experience. Seamless Integration with Anime Themes The seamless integration of "晴る" with Frieren: Beyond Journey's End is a testament to Yorushika's ability to capture the essence of an anime. The song becomes a thematic extension of Frieren's world, enhancing the viewer's connection to the characters and events depicted on screen.

Where to Experience "晴る":

For enthusiasts eager to immerse themselves in the evocative sounds of "晴る," the track is available on various digital platforms. Whether you prefer streaming on popular music services or adding it to your Yorushika playlist, this release is a must-listen for anime lovers and music aficionados alike.

Limited-Edition Musical Treasures:

Enhance your anime and music collection with limited-edition releases associated with "晴る." These editions may include exclusive remixes, behind-the-scenes insights, or special artwork, providing fans with an intimate glimpse into the collaborative effort between Yorushika and Frieren: Beyond Journey's End.


In conclusion, Yorushika's "晴る," released on January 5, 2024, not only marks a musical triumph for the duo but also enriches the anime experience for Frieren enthusiasts. This dual-purpose composition stands as a testament to the seamless integration of music and storytelling, making "晴る" an essential chapter in both Yorushika's discography and Frieren's animated saga.

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1. 晴る

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