Sizuk - Cotton Days feat.Kotoha [2024.01.08/MP3/RAR]

Sizuk - Cotton Days feat.Kotoha [2024.01.08/MP3/RAR]

Sizuk - Cotton Days feat.Kotoha
Detail: Sizuk - Cotton Days feat.Kotoha
Artist & Title Sizuk - Cotton Days feat.Kotoha  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2024.01.08


Sizuk (俊龍) enchants listeners with a harmonious blend of beats and vocals in his latest release, "Cotton Days feat. Kotoha." Launched on January 8, 2023, this captivating composition takes the spotlight as the OST Opening Theme for the heartwarming anime "Fluffy Paradise (異世界でもふもふなでなでするためにがんばってます。)"

Musical Bliss in "Fluffy Paradise":

Lively Opening Notes "Cotton Days feat. Kotoha" introduces viewers to "Fluffy Paradise (異世界でもふもふなでなでするためにがんばってます。)" with a lively and inviting melody. The playful combination of Sizuk's musical prowess and Kotoha's vocals sets the stage for the delightful adventures that await in the anime's fluffy world.

Essence of the Anime:

The song encapsulates the essence of "Fluffy Paradise (異世界でもふもふなでなでするためにがんばってます。)" creating an immersive experience for fans. Sizuk's expertly crafted beats complement Kotoha's vocals, evoking the cozy and comforting atmosphere of the anime's fantastical realm.

Unveiling the Charms of "Cotton Days feat. Kotoha":

Collaborative Brilliance The collaboration between Sizuk and Kotoha proves to be a stroke of musical brilliance. "Cotton Days" seamlessly weaves together electronic beats and enchanting vocals, creating a sonic tapestry that resonates with the anime's theme of warmth and joy. Fan Reactions Since its release, "Cotton Days feat. Kotoha" has sparked enthusiastic reactions from anime enthusiasts. Social media platforms buzz with the hashtag #FluffyParadiseMelody, where fans share their love for the opening theme and discuss its role in setting the tone for the anime.

Where to Experience "Cotton Days feat. Kotoha":

For those eager to immerse themselves in the musical embrace of "Cotton Days feat. Kotoha," the song is available on various streaming platforms. Add this enchanting melody to your playlist to carry a piece of "Fluffy Paradise (異世界でもふもふなでなでするためにがんばってます。)" with you wherever you go.

Limited-Edition Goodies:

Consider exploring exclusive merchandise tied to "Cotton Days feat. Kotoha" and "Fluffy Paradise (異世界でもふもふなでなでするためにがんばってます。)" Collectibles such as vinyl records, art prints, or collaborations featuring the anime's characters may offer fans a tangible connection to the captivating world of the series.


In conclusion, Sizuk's "Cotton Days feat. Kotoha," released on January 8, 2023, unfolds as a musical gateway to "Fluffy Paradise (異世界でもふもふなでなでするためにがんばってます。)" Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies and rhythmic beats that beckon you to embark on a journey filled with warmth, joy, and the magic of anime.

Tracklist:  Sizuk - Cotton Days feat.Kotoha mp3

1. Cotton Days feat.Kotoha
2. Cotton Days feat.Kotoha (Instrumental)
3. Cotton Days feat.Kotoha TV size ver.

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