Moona Hoshinova - ORBITURE [2024.01.06/MP3/RAR]

Moona Hoshinova - ORBITURE [2024.01.06/MP3/RAR]

Moona Hoshinova - ORBITURE
Detail:  Moona Hoshinova - ORBITURE
Artist & Title Moona Hoshinova - ORBITURE  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2024.01.06


Get ready to embark on a cosmic adventure as Moona Hoshinova, the radiant hololive Vtuber, unveils her latest musical creation, "ORBITURE." Released on January 6, 2024, this celestial track promises listeners a transcendent experience as Moona's enchanting vocals and innovative soundscapes transport them to a world beyond the stars.

Exploring the Depths of "ORBITURE":

Ethereal Melodies "ORBITURE" weaves ethereal melodies that resonate with the celestial theme. Moona's vocals, like guiding stars, lead listeners through a mesmerizing journey. The track's delicate balance between cosmic ambiance and rhythmic precision showcases Moona's musical prowess.

Cosmic Concept:

The concept of "ORBITURE" revolves around the celestial orbits, and Moona skillfully integrates this theme into both the lyrics and the overall atmosphere of the song. Listeners can expect a cosmic narrative that reflects Moona's imaginative storytelling.

Key Highlights of "ORBITURE":

Stellar Arrangement "ORBITURE" features a stellar arrangement that blends electronic elements with Moona's signature style. The track's production is a testament to Moona's commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, creating a sound that is both futuristic and emotionally resonant. Visual Spectacle In true hololive fashion, "ORBITURE" is not just an auditory experience but a visual spectacle. Accompanying the release, fans can expect captivating music videos or live performances that enhance the overall impact of the song.

Where to Join Moona's Celestial Voyage:

For fans eager to join Moona's celestial voyage, "ORBITURE" is available on various digital platforms. Whether you prefer streaming on popular music services or adding it to your Moona Hoshinova playlist, this release promises a journey into the cosmic realms of sound.

Limited-Edition Collectibles:

Enrich your hololive collection with limited-edition releases associated with "ORBITURE." Exclusive merchandise, autographed copies, or behind-the-scenes insights may accompany special editions, offering fans a deeper connection to Moona's musical odyssey.


In conclusion, "ORBITURE," released on January 6, 2024, is a testament to Moona Hoshinova's ability to transport her audience into realms unknown. Immerse yourself in the celestial melodies and let Moona guide you through a cosmic experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional music.let Moona guide you through a cosmic experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional music.

Tracklist:  Moona Hoshinova - ORBITURE mp3

1. 愛の小さな歌 (Remastered ver.)
2. High Tide (Remastered ver.) 
3. Perisai Jitu
4. Who’s Toxic ? It’s You! 
5. Taut Hati

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