i☆Ris - White Lyrical Kingdom / キセキ-ノ-フィラメント [2024.01.24/MP3/RAR]

i☆Ris - White Lyrical Kingdom / キセキ-ノ-フィラメント [2024.01.24/MP3/RAR]

i☆Ris - White Lyrical Kingdom / キセキ-ノ-フィラメント
Detail:  i☆Ris - White Lyrical Kingdom / キセキ-ノ-フィラメント
Artist & Title i☆Ris - White Lyrical Kingdom / キセキ-ノ-フィラメント  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2024.01.24


Prepare to be enchanted as i☆Ris, the sensational idol unit graces the music scene with their latest release, "White Lyrical Kingdom / キセキ-ノ-フィラメント." Unveiled on January 24, 2024, this musical masterpiece is a magical journey through lyrical realms and sonic filaments. Join us as we explore the enchanting soundscape created by i☆Ris in this dual-track release.

i☆Ris: A Prism of Musical Brilliance:

i☆Ris has long been celebrated for their ability to infuse magic into their music, creating a kaleidoscope of sounds that resonate with audiences of all ages. With "White Lyrical Kingdom / キセキ-ノ-フィラメント," i☆Ris continues to shine as a prism of musical brilliance, captivating listeners with their harmonious blend of vocals and melody.

White Lyrical Kingdom / キセキ-ノ-フィラメ: A Snowfall of Melody and Emotion:

White Lyrical Kingdom / キセキ-ノ-フィラメ transports listeners into a winter wonderland of melody and emotion. The track unfolds like delicate snowflakes, each note contributing to the enchanting tapestry of the song. The ethereal vocals of i☆Ris create a sense of warmth amidst the frosty soundscape, making it a perfect musical companion for the winter season.

"キセキ-ノ-フィラメント": Weaving Threads of Sonic Magic:

The second track, "キセキ-ノ-フィラメント" (Kiseki no Filament), invites listeners to dive into a magical realm woven with sonic threads. i☆Ris showcases their versatility, seamlessly blending pop sensibilities with a touch of whimsical magic. The song's filaments intertwine, creating a sonic tapestry that captures the imagination and uplifts the spirit.

Visual Spectacle: i☆Ris's Magic Comes to Life:

The release of "White Lyrical Kingdom / キセキ-ノ-フィラメント" isn't just an auditory experience; it's a visual spectacle. Accompanying music videos and promotional visuals bring i☆Ris's magical world to life, offering fans a feast for both the eyes and ears. The enchanting visuals add an extra layer of magic to the overall musical journey.

Digital Symphony: Fans Unite in Celebration:

Since its release, "White Lyrical Kingdom / キセキ-ノ-フィラメント" has sparked a digital symphony across social media platforms. Fans express their admiration through tweets, Instagram posts, and fan art, creating a vibrant online celebration. Hashtags like #iRis #WhiteLyricalKingdom and #NewMusicFriday trend as enthusiasts share their favorite moments from this enchanting release.


"White Lyrical Kingdom / キセキ-ノ-フィラメント" reaffirms i☆Ris's status as purveyors of musical magic. As listeners immerse themselves in the dual-track release, they embark on a journey where each note is a step into a fantastical world crafted by the enchanting vocals and melodies of i☆Ris. This release stands as a testament to their ability to create musical wonders that resonate with audiences young and old. In the vast realm of J-pop, i☆Ris's "White Lyrical Kingdom / キセキ-ノ-フィラメント" shines as a radiant gem. Whether you're a longtime fan or discovering the magic for the first time, this release promises an enchanting experience that transcends the ordinary. As i☆Ris continues to weave their sonic spells, "White Lyrical Kingdom / キセキ-ノ-フィラメント" is a musical journey that invites all to join in the magic.

Tracklist:  i☆Ris - White Lyrical Kingdom / キセキ-ノ-フィラメント mp3

1. White Lyrical Kingdom
2. キセキ-ノ-フィラメント
3. White Lyrical Kingdom Instrumental
4.キセキ-ノ-フィラメント Instrumental
5. White Lyrical Kingdom Off Main Vocal
6. キセキ-ノ-フィラメント Off Main Vocal

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