(K)NoW_NAME - Garden (TVアニメ『SPY×FAMILY』Season 2 挿入歌) [2023.11.26/MP3/RAR]

(K)NoW_NAME - Garden (TVアニメ『SPY×FAMILY』Season 2 挿入歌) [2023.11.26/MP3/RAR]

(K)NoW_NAME - Garden (TVアニメ『SPY×FAMILY』Season 2 挿入歌)
Detail:  (K)NoW_NAME - Garden (TVアニメ『SPY×FAMILY』Season 2 挿入歌)
Artist & Title (K)NoW_NAME - Garden (TVアニメ『SPY×FAMILY』Season 2 挿入歌)  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2023.11.26


Embark on a sonic journey as (K)NoW_NAME, the musical maestros behind many anime hits, enchant listeners with their latest masterpiece, "Garden." Released on November 26, 2023, this captivating composition serves as an insert song for the eagerly anticipated TV anime『SPY×FAMILY』Season 2. Join us as we explore the melodic realms of (K)NoW_NAME's enchanting soundscape.

The Alchemy of (K)NoW_NAME:

(K)NoW_NAME has carved a niche in the anime music scene, seamlessly blending genres to create musical alchemy that enhances storytelling. "Garden" is no exception, promising to be a blooming sensation that weaves seamlessly into the narrative of『SPY×FAMILY』Season 2.

"Garden": A Blossoming Melody:

Like a carefully tended garden, "Garden" blooms with melodies that evoke a spectrum of emotions. The composition unfolds, each note a petal, creating a lush soundscape that immerses listeners in the rich tapestry of (K)NoW_NAME's musical imagination. Expect nothing short of a blossoming masterpiece.

Musical Tapestry in『SPY×FAMILY』Season 2:

As an insert song in Season 2 of『SPY×FAMILY』, "Garden" promises to be more than just a musical interlude. It serves as a key element in enhancing the atmosphere and emotional depth of the anime's narrative, seamlessly integrating with the visual storytelling to create a harmonious viewing experience.

Behind the Scenes: Crafting the Musical Narrative:

Discover the creative process behind "Garden" as (K)NoW_NAME provides insights into the making of this enchanting piece. From composition to recording, delve into the details that make this song a standout addition to the anime's soundtrack.

Online Buzz and Fan Reactions:

As "Garden" graces the ears of anime enthusiasts, online platforms are buzzing with fan reactions. Join the digital conversation, share your thoughts, and connect with fellow fans who are experiencing the magic of (K)NoW_NAME's latest creation. Dive into the collective excitement surrounding this musical gem.

Limited-Edition Soundtrack Release: A Must-Have for Anime Music Enthusiasts:

For those eager to carry the enchantment of "Garden" beyond the anime screen, be on the lookout for the official soundtrack release. Whether in physical or digital format, owning a copy ensures you have a piece of (K)NoW_NAME's magical garden within your music collection.


(K)NoW_NAME's "Garden" is more than a song; it's a musical haven where emotions bloom and storytelling transcends words. As the enchanting notes of "Garden" unfold in『SPY×FAMILY』Season 2, prepare to be immersed in a world where sound and story are entwined in perfect harmony.

Tracklist:  (K)NoW_NAME - Garden (TVアニメ『SPY×FAMILY』Season 2 挿入歌) mp3

1. Garden (TVアニメ『SPY×FAMILY』Season 2 挿入歌)

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