原神 - フォンテーヌOST『白露澄明の泉Fountain of Belleau』[2023.10.02/MP3/RAR]

原神 - フォンテーヌOST『白露澄明の泉Fountain of Belleau』[2023.10.02/MP3/RAR]

原神 - フォンテーヌOST『白露澄明の泉Fountain of Belleau』
Detail:  原神 - フォンテーヌOST『白露澄明の泉Fountain of Belleau』
Artist & Title 原神 - フォンテーヌOST『白露澄明の泉Fountain of Belleau』  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2023.10.02


Prepare to be transported to a world of breathtaking beauty and adventure with the enchanting OST "白露澄明の泉 Fountain of Belleau" (Fountain of Belleau) from the widely acclaimed game 原神 (Genshin Impact). Released on October 2, 2023, this mesmerizing composition is a testament to the game's commitment to delivering an immersive audiovisual experience.

原神 (Genshin Impact): An Epic Adventure:

原神 (Genshin Impact) has taken the gaming world by storm, captivating players with its stunning open world, engaging storyline, and unforgettable characters. The game's music is a crucial element in creating a truly immersive experience.

"白露澄明の泉Fountain of Belleau" OST: A Musical Masterpiece:

"白露澄明の泉Fountain of Belleau" is more than just a soundtrack; it's a musical masterpiece that transports players to the enchanting world of Teyvat. This composition showcases the game's dedication to creating a rich and emotionally resonant gaming environment.

Unveiling the Essence of the OST:

In "白露澄明の泉Fountain of Belleau," players and music enthusiasts alike can discover a symphony of emotions. The music captures the essence of exploration, mystery, and wonder that defines the world of 原神 (Genshin Impact). It's a musical journey that mirrors the game's epic narrative.

The Sound of "白露澄明の泉Fountain of Belleau" OST:

The OST's evocative melodies and harmonious arrangements create an atmosphere that is enchanting. The music reflects the diverse landscapes and cultures of Teyvat, inviting players to immerse themselves in the game's richly detailed world.

Why This OST Matters:

"白露澄明の泉Fountain of Belleau" is not just background music; it's an integral part of the 原神 (Genshin Impact) experience. It enhances the sense of discovery and adventure, allowing players to fully engage with the game's world and its myriad of stories.


"白露澄明の泉Fountain of Belleau" OST from 原神 (Genshin Impact) is a testament to the game's commitment to providing players with a captivating and emotionally resonant experience. As you listen to this enchanting composition, you'll find yourself transported to the wondrous world of Teyvat, where adventure and beauty await at every turn. Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing melodies of "白露澄明の泉Fountain of Belleau." Experience the magic of 原神 (Genshin Impact) on a whole new level through its breathtaking soundtrack.

Tracklist:  原神 - フォンテーヌOST『白露澄明の泉Fountain of Belleau』 mp3

Disc 1
1. フォンテーヌ Fontaine 
2. 夕暮れの想い Le Souvenir avec le crepuscule
3. 衆の水の詩 Ballad of Many Waters
4. 調和と繁栄の都 City of Mellifluous Glory 
5. 悠々たる歳月 Leisurely Days in Fontaine 
6. 蒼水晶の行歌 Poesy of Chrysolite
7. 花朝月夕 Luminescence of Eventide 
8. 星灯りに染まる街 Coruscating Street 
9. 夢の中の囁き Dreams' Swirling Whispers 
10. 優雅でのどかな夜 La nuit silencieuse et paisible 
11. 朝の光が初めて映る時 Quand la lumiere resplendira 
12. スペクタクルの宴 Symposion of Spectacle 
13. 諸律のハルモニア Harmonia of Polysynodie 
14. 霧雨が煙る理由 Pluie sur la ville
15. 隠伏の河 Le fleuve secret
16. 歓びを求めし追放者 Cakes and Ale for the Exiled
17. ロマリタイムの想い Romaritime Recollection
18. ナビゲーターの憩い Pilot's Rest 
19. ルキナに映りて Limpide est le sanglot d'eau 
20. 微かな月影 Clair de lune 
21. 清泉の礼賛 Spring Song -
22. 万水が集う地 Where All Waters Converge 
23. 暮夜の柔光 Raven Gloss of Darkness 
24. 終わらぬ盛典 Le spectacle doit continuer 
25. 諭示裁定の刻 The Oratrice's Verdict 
26. 隠れし深奧を求めて Searching for Clues
27. 傾危の判詞 Sensational Sentence
28. 演繹と演繹法 Deductive Rendition
29. かの時の証言 Contemporary Testimony
30. その者の名は既知である! Je sais le nom de l'etranger ! 
31. 小暗がりの炉火 Caliginous Hearthfire 

Disc 2
1. 棘薔薇の詩律 Il Nome della Rosula 
2. ポワソンの夕暮れ Il Crepuscolo di Poisson 
3. 穏やかな止水 Ann's Quiescent Residence
4. あたたかな風を眺めて Cruising in the Balmy Breeze 
5. 揺らめく波 Rippling Wavelet
6. 水の色を巡りて Cerulean Tour
7. 生い茂る木陰の原を訪ねて Across the Meadows 
8. 青色の響き Cobalt Remembrance 
9. かさかさと鳴る松の林 Susurrating Holt
10. 涓々たる水の流れ Clement Rillet
11. 雲雀の目覚め Reve d'alouette
12. 柔風の喜願 Que le vent soit doux 
13. 軽やかなさざ波のリズム Ondulations du rythme
14. 遥かなる旅の希望 Expectation for Exploration
15. 四季の優遊 Peripatetic Peregrination
16. かつての花言葉 Langage des fleurs
17. 暁がまた昇れば Demain, des l'aube
18. 潺々たる寒流 Les murmures des flots
19. 夜半に滴る雫 Gloomy Drizzle
20. 何処へ行く Quo Vadis
21. 雨月の晩祷 Vespers of Pluviose
22. 遥か彼方の寒星 Lustrous Stars
23. 白き泉の暮景 Sombre of the White Spring 
24. 水を追う浮萍 Floating Into Distance
25. 徹夜の詩編 Les Nuits
26. 薄暮に映る星々 Nocturnal Illumination 
27. 狡猾な計略 Intricate Ruse
28. 何故この瞬間に踏み止まる Qui me freine a un tel moment 
29. 水仙のお茶会 Nymphs' Tea Party 
30. 鏡の中の夢 Dream Through the Looking-Glass 

Disc 3
1. 海の泡沫が上げる歓声 Melody of Merusea 
2. 奇抜なささやき Miraculous Whisper
3. 淵水の失われた都 La cite en la mer
4. 間隙を縫う流光 Passage of an Era
5. 隠れし旧夢 Fading Anticipation
6. 穏やかな海原 Tranquil Plains
7. 深潭の流れに身を任せて Ebb and Flow 
8. たとえ歳月が流転しても Throughout the Flow of Years
9. あらゆる水の誓い Oath of Many Waters
10. 悠々と波を追う Following the Torrent
11. 滄波の追想 Surging Reminiscence
12. 沈思黙考 Diaphanous Dream
13. 水中の花影 Shade of Flowers
14. 沈んだ残痕 Les etoiles semblent s'estomper
15. 深潮暗流の刻 Calamitous Tides
16. 追憶の地にて安眠を Ann's Anapausis
17. 往時の花に零れ落ちる Marcescent Floret
18. 金色に輝く夕暮れ All in the Golden Afternoon
19. 色褪せる若き日 Withered Wreath of Flowers
20. 万古の余韻 Ancient Reverberation
21. 旧日の影を越えて The Shadow Out of Time
22. あらゆる水の終わりまで Till All the Seas 
23. 奇妙な前兆の残響 The Vision and the Voice 
24. 終焉の啓示 Revelatio Finalis
25. 熔炎の残燼 Ex Favilla Incendi
26. 斑々たる泉の跡 Sequestered Springs
27. 深眠幽静の谷 Le dormeur du val 
28. 影の重なる幽かな小道 Trail of Shadows 
29. 妄執の道 Path of Desolation
30. 薄暗い深罪 Obscure Obsession 

Disc 4
1. 花と剣の輪舞 Rondeau des fleurs et des rapieres 
2. 嘆きと凱旋 Lamentation et Triomphe
3. 波砕きの舞い Virelai des marees 
4. コッペリアの暁歌 Aubade of Coppelia
5. コペリウスの辞別 Envoi of Coppelius

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