flumpool - Over the rain~ひかりの橋~ (Ryu-Take 2023 ver.) [2023.08.15/MP3/RAR]

flumpool - Over the rain~ひかりの橋~ (Ryu-Take 2023 ver.) [2023.08.15/MP3/RAR]

flumpool - Over the rain~ひかりの橋~ (Ryu-Take 2023 ver.)
Detail:  flumpool - Over the rain~ひかりの橋~ (Ryu-Take 2023 ver.)
Artist & Title flumpool - Over the rain~ひかりの橋~ (Ryu-Take 2023 ver.)  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2023.08.15


Japanese music sensation flumpool continues to mesmerize their global fanbase with their latest musical masterpiece, "Over the rain~ひかりの橋~ (Ryu-Take 2023 ver.)." Released on August 15, 2023, this reimagined version of the beloved track offers a fresh perspective on the band's signature sound, delivering a sonic experience that is bound to leave an indelible mark on listeners.

Reviving a Classic:
"Over the rain~ひかりの橋~ (Ryu-Take 2023 ver.)" takes a beloved song and breathes new life into it. The Ryu-Take version is a testament to flumpool's artistic evolution and their dedication to creating music that resonates with both new and long-time fans.

Reimagined Sonic Palette:
In this version, flumpool masterfully blends their iconic sound with fresh elements, resulting in an intricate sonic tapestry that engages the senses. The band's skilled musicianship shines as they experiment with different musical textures, creating an auditory journey that captivates from start to finish.

Emotionally Charged Vocals:
flumpool's lead vocalist delivers a heartrending performance that adds depth and emotional resonance to the track. His poignant vocals beautifully convey the song's themes of resilience, hope, and the transformative power of facing life's challenges head-on.

A Message of Light:
"Over the rain~ひかりの橋~ (Ryu-Take 2023 ver.)" retains the original song's uplifting message of finding solace and hope even in the darkest moments. The reimagined version reinforces the idea that there is a bridge of light that guides individuals through adversity, making it a poignant anthem for those seeking inspiration.

A Musical Journey:
Listeners are taken on a sonic journey through "Over the rain~ひかりの橋~ (Ryu-Take 2023 ver.)," as flumpool skillfully weaves together layers of melodies, harmonies, and rhythms. The song's dynamic shifts and evocative instrumental arrangements showcase the band's ability to craft a multi-dimensional experience.


flumpool's "Over the rain~ひかりの橋~ (Ryu-Take 2023 ver.)" is a testament to the band's unwavering commitment to their craft and their ability to continuously evolve while staying true to their musical essence. Released on August 15, 2023, this reimagined version is a celebration of their journey, offering a fresh perspective that fans old and new will undoubtedly appreciate. With its emotionally charged vocals, captivating sonic landscape, and profound message of resilience, "Over the rain~ひかりの橋~ (Ryu-Take 2023 ver.)" is a musical gem that will leave a lasting impact on all who listen, solidifying flumpool's place as one of Japan's most iconic and innovative musical acts.

Tracklist:  flumpool - Over the rain~ひかりの橋~ (Ryu-Take 2023 ver.) mp3

1. Over the rain~ひかりの橋~ (Ryu-Take 2023 ver.)

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