ヨルシカ - 幻燈 [2023.04.06/MP3/RAR]

ヨルシカ - 幻燈 [2023.04.06/MP3/RAR]

ヨルシカ - 幻燈
Detail:  ヨルシカ - 幻燈
Artist & Title ヨルシカ - 幻燈  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2023.04.06

Yorushika, the popular Japanese music duo comprising of n-buna and suis, is set to release their latest album, 幻燈, on April 6, 2023. The album promises to captivate fans worldwide with its unique blend of melancholic yet catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and stunning visuals.

Yorushika first burst onto the Japanese music scene in 2017 with their debut single, "Say It." Since then, they have become one of the most popular indie bands in Japan, with their music videos amassing millions of views on YouTube and their concerts selling out within minutes.

幻燈, which translates to "Magic Lantern," is Yorushika's third studio album, following their critically acclaimed albums "Makeinu ni Encore wa Iranai" and "Tousaku." The album features a total of 12 tracks, including the lead single "Komorebi," which has already been released and is receiving rave reviews from fans.

The album showcases Yorushika's signature sound, which is a mix of indie pop, rock, and electronic music. The duo's unique sound is complemented by the album's stunning visuals, which were created by the acclaimed Japanese illustrator and animator, Mieko Hosoi.

Fans can expect to hear Yorushika's trademark emotive lyrics, which deal with themes of love, loss, and self-discovery. The duo has stated that the album is a reflection of their personal growth as artists and individuals.

幻燈 is already generating buzz in the music industry, with many critics predicting that it will be one of the biggest indie albums of 2023. The album is also expected to further cement Yorushika's position as one of Japan's most innovative and exciting musical acts.

In conclusion, Yorushika's latest album, 幻燈, is set to captivate fans worldwide with its unique sound, emotive lyrics, and stunning visuals. Fans of indie music should mark April 6, 2023, on their calendars as the release date of one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

Tracklist:  ヨルシカ - 幻燈 mp3

1. 都落ち
2. ブレーメン
3. チノカテ
4. 月に吠える
5. 451
6. 又三郎
7. 老人と海
8. 左右盲
9. アルジャーノン
10. 第一夜

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