SEKAI NO OWARI - サラバ [2023.04.19/MP3/RAR]

SEKAI NO OWARI - サラバ [2023.04.19/MP3/RAR]

Detail:  SEKAI NO OWARI - サラバ
Artist & Title SEKAI NO OWARI - サラバ  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2023.04.19

SEKAI NO OWARI has done it again with their latest release, the song サラバ, which features on the original soundtrack for the highly anticipated drama Mr. Bride, My Darling (わたしのお嫁くん). The song was released on April 19, 2023, and is already making waves among fans of the band and the drama alike. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the song and its tie-in with the drama, and why it's a must-listen for all J-pop fans.

First off, let's talk about the drama. Mr. Bride, My Darling (わたしのお嫁くん) is a heartwarming story about a young woman named Yuri who finds herself suddenly engaged to a man named Kazuya, who is also her former boss. Kazuya is kind, caring, and fiercely loyal, but he's also harboring a secret: he's tran**** and has been living his life as a man despite being born female. The drama follows Yuri and Kazuya as they navigate the challenges of their new relationship and the prejudices they face from society.

SEKAI NO OWARI's song サラバ is the perfect match for this drama, with its uplifting melody and inspiring lyrics. The song talks about overcoming adversity and finding the strength to move forward, no matter what life throws at you. Its message of hope and resilience is a perfect fit for the themes of the drama and is sure to resonate with viewers on a deep level.

But even if you're not a fan of the drama, サラバ is still worth a listen. SEKAI NO OWARI's signature sound is on full display here, with soaring vocals, catchy hooks, and an infectious beat that will have you dancing along in no time. The band's ability to seamlessly blend different genres of music is also evident, with elements of rock, pop, and electronic music all coming together to create something truly unique.

In conclusion, SEKAI NO OWARI's song サラバ is a must-listen for fans of J-pop, the drama Mr. Bride, My Darling (わたしのお嫁くん), and anyone who appreciates uplifting, inspiring music. With its infectious melody, inspiring lyrics, and seamless blend of different genres, it's no wonder that this song is already making waves among fans. So why wait? Give it a listen today and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

Tracklist:  SEKAI NO OWARI - サラバ mp3

1. サラバ

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