Tani Yuuki - W / X / Y Remixes "if" [2023.03.01/MP3/RAR]

Tani Yuuki - W / X / Y Remixes "if" [2023.03.01/MP3/RAR]

Tani Yuuki - W / X / Y Remixes "if"
Detail:  Tani Yuuki - W / X / Y Remixes "if"
Artist & Title Tani Yuuki - W / X / Y Remixes "if"  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2023.03.01

On March 1, 2023, Japanese singer-songwriter Tani Yuuki published "W / X / Y Remixes 'if'". The song is a remix of her well-known song "if" from her debut album "W / X / Y," which was published in 2021. Collaborations with numerous electronic music producers, such as Zedd, Diplo, and Calvin Harris, are featured in the remixes.

The melodious and upbeat original version of "if" highlighted Tani Yuuki's sultry vocals and sentimental lyrics. The remixes elevate the song to a whole new level by adding electronic beats, synths, and drops that will undoubtedly have you moving.

In particular, Zedd's remix adds a pulsing EDM beat that intensifies before a powerful drop. Tani Yuuki's vocals are enhanced by a calm beat in Diplo's remix, which contrasts with its more relaxed and chill mood. With a catchy tune and a groovy bassline, Calvin Harris' remix blends pop and electronic music.

Tani Yuuki successfully combines pop and electronic music with her passionate vocals in "W / X / Y Remixes 'if,'" demonstrating her flexibility as an artist. Some of the biggest names in the electronic music industry's production abilities are also on display in the remixes.

You shouldn't pass up this interesting release if you enjoy Tani Yuuki or electronic music. You'll quickly start dancing along to the remixes after they become lodged in your mind.

For everyone who appreciates pop and electronic music and enjoys a good remix, Tani Yuuki's "W / X / Y Remixes 'if'" is a must-listen. This album is certain to be a hit and will continue to highlight Tani Yuuki's artistic talent because it features collaborations with some of the biggest names in the business.

Tracklist:  Tani Yuuki - W / X / Y Remixes "if" mp3

1. W / X / Y (Matt Cab & MATZ Remix)
2. W / X / Y (Duuy Remix)
3. W / X / Y (KM Remix)

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