STU48 - 息をする心 [2023.03.01/MP3/RAR]

STU48 - 息をする心 [2023.03.01/MP3/RAR]

STU48 - 息をする心
Detail:  STU48 - 息をする心
Artist & Title STU48 - 息をする心  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2023.03.01


The new song, "息をする心" by the Japanese idol group STU48, is scheduled for release on March 1 of 2023. Fans may anticipate another hit from the trio after a fruitful year of releases and performances. We'll delve deeper into what we already know about the song in this piece, as well as what to anticipate and why you should listen to it.

What to Expect: 

A sentimental ballad that highlights the group's vocal prowess, "息をする心" is expected to be released. The song will have a calming tune and sentimental lyrics, based on the teasers that have been made available. While the precise compositional elements of the song are being kept a secret, fans can anticipate a song that highlights the group's emotional range and capacity to engage their audience.

Why You Should Check It Out: 

You won't want to miss the release of "息をする心" if you're a fan of STU48. The song aims to display the group's more vulnerable side and their capacity to evoke emotion via music. Fans can anticipate hearing the song performed live in the future as STU48 is renowned for their amazing live performances. Even if you're unfamiliar with the band or the J-pop subgenre, "息をする心" is a new song that will undoubtedly make you cry.


STU48 is about to drop "息をする心" another popular song showcasing their emotive range and vocal prowess. This album is worth listening to whether you've been a fan of the group for a long time or are just seeking for new music to love. Make sure to put March 1, 2023, on your calendars so you can enjoy STU48's most recent release's beauty and emotion.

Tracklist:  STU48 - 息をする心 mp3

1. 息をする心

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